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2019 DWTS

2019 Calhoun’s Dancing with the Stars GETS SCHOOLED Show

·      DWTS Email:

·      Date of Show: Thursday, May 30 & Friday, May 31, 2019

o   Location: Calhoun Performing Arts Center

·      Scholarship

o   Details: Each member of the dance couple that makes it through the audition process is guaranteed a $500 scholarship upon completion of the show. Participants can receive a larger scholarship if they place.

How To Audition:

·     If possible, you and a parent attend an Informational Meeting on Tuesday, October 2 - 7:00 @ the Calhoun Depot (109 S. King St. Calhoun, GA 30701) to learn more about the show, then decide if you and your dance partner want to submit an audition video!

·      Due Date for Audition Videos: Monday, November 25 5:00 p.m.

·      Audition Video Requirements:

o   Length: 45 seconds – 1 minute. No longer than 1 minute

o   Please introduce yourself at the beginning of the video.

o   Cell phone video no professional videos, no editing – raw video

o   Must not show school colors or have any clothing that indicates what school they attend, no last names, no shirts with mascot, etc.

·      Participant Requirements to Audition for 2019 Calhoun’s DWTS:

o   ONE STUDENT IN EACH DANCE COUPLE MUST attend either Sonoraville High School, Calhoun High School, or Gordon Central High School.

o   Each member of the couple must be a high school student

o   New Dancers that want to audition (this includes those who have previously auditioned and didn’t make the show):

They can dance with someone from the same school or they can dance with someone from another school

o   Former Dancers that want to audition:

Former dancers (that were selected by the judges from their video audition and performed in the show) are required to dance with a different partner from whom they have danced with previously.