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2019 DWTS

2019 Calhoun’s Dancing with the Stars GETS SCHOOLED Show

·    DWTS Email:

·    Date of Show: Thursday, May 30 & Friday, May 31, 2019

o   Location: Calhoun Performing Arts Center

·    Scholarship

o   Details: Each member of the dance couple that makes it through the audition process is guaranteed a $500 scholarship upon completion of the show. Participants can receive a larger scholarship if they place.

How To Audition:

***Please review the following document: Click here to view on Dropbox***   To learn more about the show, please review the document on Dropbox, then decide if you and your dance partner want to submit an audition video! More information is listed on this document than what is on this webpage! Due Date for Audition Videos: Monday, November 26 5:00 p.m.